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Ramsey County Working to Become An Age-Friendly County

Ramsey County is beginning the process to become designated an age-friendly county. The goal of the effort is to create a livable county where older adults can age in community by being fully inclusive of their desires and needs. It means ensuring that older adults are safe, have affordable and appropriate housing and have transportation options. Age-friendly communities having accessible, supportive features. They encourage services and engagement to increase connections. There is a significant focus on addressing health and racial disparities in Ramsey County. The effort is guided by the Livable Communities program developed by AARP, which will provide technical assistance.

The Core Team

The Core Team has started meeting monthly. The committee leads/steers the effort. Members guide the project through the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation steps. The team includes people who represent a variety of communities within the county and who bring deep knowledge of aging issues, either through professional or lived experience. They live or work in Ramsey County. The group is currently meeting monthly, but the frequency may vary based on the committee’s needs. Members need to be willing to attend meetings regularly and work on projects independently between meetings.

All are welcome to be part of the Age-friendly Ramsey County process. For more information, contact

Teisha Magee, Co-chair

Emmy Treichel, Co-chair

Julia Wolfe, Coordinator 651-443-0984.

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