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Dementia Stories: It's Possible to Have a Good Quality of Life with Dementia

When she was sixty-two years old, Carolyn was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment. A Lab Tech at Regions for thirty-five years, her coworkers knew something was wrong when she began asking for their help with tasks and information she should know.

Richard & Carolyn

Rich, her husband, retired early and became Carolyn’s caretaker. Rich always felt comfortable in our community with Carolyn, “People have always been really nice when we were out. You just explain the situation.”

One day Rich had planned to go golfing but Carolyn’s care fell through. Instead of cancelling he called Keller Golf Course. “I just asked if she could ride along with me and they said, ‘Yes, no problem.’ After that we went out together at Goodrich and Tanners Brook. We had a great time.”

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