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Governor's Council on an Age-Friendly Minnesota

Updated: Jan 18

Below are links to reports/recs from Governors Council are below along with the Executive Summary and the 8 recommendations issued by the Council.

Governor’s Council on an Age-Friendly Minnesota (E.O. 19-38)


  • Age-Friendly report including public comments to the Age-Friendly recommendations, details of the organizations, individuals and focus group discussions are summarized in the report (PDF). The report summarizing the work of the Age-Friendly Council was sent to the Governor.

Executive Summary

On December 11, 2019, Governor Tim Walz signed Executive Order 19-38 challenging Minnesota to research opportunities and overcome barriers to become an age-friendly state. An age-friendly state is one that engages older people and understands that to be age-friendly, a community must consider the social, economic, and environmental and lifestyle factors that influence health and aging for everyone.

Through the Executive Order a governor appointed age-friendly council was formed to develop an action plan with recommendations for the state to become age-friendly. As informed by the Executive Order the council was charged to elevate the voices of older Minnesotans, reinforce collaboration and coordination between state agencies and promote opportunities through public-private partnerships. The council also assessed and examined programs, policies and services for older Minnesotans.

Recommendation #1: Support efforts for the State of Minnesota to enroll in the WHO/AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities.

Recommendation #2: Champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in all age-friendly work at the outset of all issues.

Recommendation #3: Provide resources and support to local communities to adopt age-friendly policies, plans, and practices.

Recommendation #4: Create a sustainable, ongoing infrastructure within the administration to support Age-Friendly Minnesota work.

Recommendation #5: Support the development of a framework and/or analytical tool that State agencies can use to analyze their policies and programs through an age-friendly lens—both an initial evaluation and ongoing analysis.

Recommendation #6: Establish a repository of resources to inform the Age-Friendly Minnesota process and initiative for policymakers, the public, and professionals in the world of aging.

Recommendation #7: Add emergency preparedness as a unique domain in Age-Friendly Minnesota’s ongoing work.

Recommendation #8: Develop a plan to integrate age-friendly work into the legislature and relevant committees.

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